Kirin 970 – The World’s First AI Processor

Chinese smartphone company, Huawei has recently displaced Apple where it came in second place in terms of global smart phone sales.

The heights the company has been able to scale globally can be attributed to its consistent investment in research and development (R&D) and manufacturing – underscoring by announcements earlier this month:

  1. The launch of its first mobile chipset with built-in artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Milestone certification of its SuperCharge technology (the first-ever end-to-end fast-charging technology).


While the majority of smartphone-makers are betting on camera features to help their flagship devices stand out, Huawei has decided to focus on AI – which it sees as the way forward in their journey to build intelligent phones.

At its early stages of development, the evolution of AI is driving new advancements in technology. However, there is still a need to build a wider AI computing architecture.

It is also because China has become a hot spot for the innovation and commercial application of AI technology and is set to lead the AI development globally.

And through the breakthrough combination of on-device AI with cloud AI, Huawei is committed to develop a whole new mobile AI experience – turning smart devices into intelligent devices with enhanced perception, cognition, security and power.

That said, Huawei has taken the leap towards this goal as it has recently launched the first-ever mobile chipset Kirin 970 with built-in artificial intelligence.

In addition to high-end features such as powerful graphics performance, better power management and improved LTE capability, the Kirin 970’s standout feature is its embedded neural processing unit (NPU).

The NPU will allow Huawei’s next smartphone to dedicate power to AI-based tasks like recognising and sorting images or optimising the phone’s performance.

This will see several benefits which include improved performance and better battery life. The Kirin 970 is able to process 2,000 images per minute, which is faster than other chips currently in the market.

In reality, the Kirin 970 will also speed up AI-based takes if the apps invoke the NPU, where developers can do using either Huawei’s own APIs.



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