Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Bang, Bang, Bang and Chicken Dinner! 

Written by: Michael Yao

From the creator of DayZ, Bluehole Inc has surprised us with its early access game, which was heavily inspired by novel/film Battle Royale (if you have not heard of this masterpiece, you’re living underneath a rock! I’ll be nice and say it is like Hunger Games).


So imagine yourself in this multiplayer shooter where it actually makes you shivers in the vast intensive free-for-all battleground.

You, alone, have to come up with the courage to fight through 99 players for the ultimate prize – a plate of (fried) chicken dinner or more depending on the game modes you play.


To kick things off, you and other PUBG players will jump off a cargo plane unarmed, unequipped or naked (if ever so you wish to go commando) where you will land at your preferred location when the game begins.

PUBG In-Game Jumping from plane

Don’t whine if you do not find any weapons or loot as it is anyone’s game.

But if the gods of PUBG have any favour in you, you be blessed with a weapon at the get-go or else you will need to survive and find your survival equipment and weapons.

Upon having enough equipment and weapons, it is time to fight your way or survive (hide in other words) until you’re the last one standing.

If you’re thinking that you’re gonna be on foot for the entire game, you are in luck as there vehicles for you to travel around the massive battleground.

Ranging from from bikes to buggies to even family vans (coming soon), you can either choose to camp (chicken!) or travel around the map – gunning down your victims.

Here’s some bad news for you campers who believe by staying in one location forever will see you a nice dinner – every few minutes, the barriers will close where it forces everyone to run for safety – unless you are in the safe zone (you chicken, can then camp for victory)

Weapons in-game are also customisable as there are various attachments you can add to improve your arsenal. This includes scopes, grips, flash hiders and suppressors.

Here’s a brief explanation on how to play PUBG, it is to kill, survive or get killed.

That said, good planning is needed as you should consider where to hide for good vantage points, calculating bullet travel time and planning your routes.

It is a wise move by Bluehole to provide us with various modes of gameplay:

Solo Mode is where you are pitted against 99 other players.

Duo & Squad: In a squad with other or friends (2-4) battling other squads.

Solo FPP: Similar to solo game but this time you are playing in First Person Mode.

Duo & Squad FPP: Similar to games but in First Person View.

Custom Games: Where you can customize your gameplay as you see fit.

PUBG Main Menu


 At first glimpse, the graphics for PUBG seems simple enough for the normal PCs can handle, but I was wrong. As from the videos and images you have seen, they are set to the lowest setting.

To fully enjoy the immersive graphics of PUBG, you will definitely need #PCMasterRace level PC.

PUBG In-Game - Camping

That said, it can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you begin a game and the graphics have yet to be rendered – and it those moments of life and death when you need to be ready at all times.

Once in a while, the lags are what will hinder on getting a ‘Chicken Dinner’ but it is undeniable that the graphics are absolutely stunning.

Every inch of the grass, leaves and details of the game are well designed – even the randomly generated weathers make the PUBG ever so real.


Each of the ambient sounds are clear and crisp where even the sound wind blowing the grass to the sounds of the ambient sounds are very clear. To the sound of wind blowing the grass to the sound of footsteps and gunshots can be distinguished with ease.

PUBG In-Game Waiting

For example, if you are sniping from afar, other players would hear a soft gunshot rather than a loud close range shot.

In order to enjoy the thorough environmental surround sound of PUBG, I suggest putting on a pair of headphones or earphones.


So is this game really worth its price tag? Personally, yes it is because the adrenaline rush I get from this is game is out of this world.

As PUBG is still in Early Access, more updates are yet to come in the near future but for now.

The downer being in Early Access is the bugs and graphics issues which will continue to be a major for the game for now.

However, fear not, the developers are continuously improving on the game while listening to what the players have to say.

So what are you waiting? Parachute yourself in PUBG and get some ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ as your bragging rights!

PUBG In-Game Won

Final Scores:

Gameplay: 8/10

Sound: 10/10

Graphics: 6/10

Overall: 8/10


Specs PUBG was played on:

Windows 7 64bit

Nvidia Geforce GTX970

Intel Core i5-4460@3.20 GhZ

Asus B85-Pro Gamer

Kingston HyperX SSD




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