Dell unveils new IoT strategy, division and solutions to accelerate customer adoption

Dell Technologies (Dell) has continued its commitment to help customers realise their digital future by safely navigating the complex and often fragmented Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Future of Data Transfers

With that said, Dell has recently revealed its revision of the vision and strategy, new IoT products, labs, partner programmes, consumption models as well as a new IoT division.

Additionally, as more customers are looking to digitally transforming their business, a new model of computing has emerged.

For the last fifteen years, the IT industry has seen the rise of Cloud Computing (CC), a highly centralised model for delivering IT services.

However, in an age where every type of device, from phones to cars, from light bulbs to thermostats and heart monitors, they are alive and intelligent.

So there is a requirement for distributed, real time, processing of information where these devices cannot simply wait for a response from a centralized cloud infrastructure that may be just  ‘seconds’ away.


Dell chairman and CEO Michael Dell said IoT was fundamental changing how society live.


“At the same time, it changes how organisations operate and how the world works. So Dell is leading the way for our customers with a new distributed computing architecture that brings IoT and artificial intelligence together in one, interdependent ecosystem from the edge to the core to the cloud.


“The implications for our global society will be nothing short of profound,” he said.


He added customers have expressed a growing need for their company to pull together complete IoT solutions that can be deployed within their organisations.


“Dell’s comprehensive approach to IoT is based on market leading technology and services and a carefully curated partner ecosystem designed to realise value for customers today and prepare them for the future,” he said.

Dell EMC APJ Enterprise president David Webster said with the size of the population Asia Pacific and Japan region, the number of connected devices has been growing exponentially.

This is the opportunity that IoT presents for large enterprises are as significant as the challenge. Extracting value from the vast amounts of data these IoT-enabled devices generate requires a modern IT infrastructure, which is secure from edge-to-core-to-cloud.

“Through Dell, it helps organisations address technology barriers and understand the whole IoT ecosystem, enabling them to innovate and differentiate their customer experience,” he said.

“Digital transformation is a requirement for Asia Pacific and Japan organisations to survive today, and IoT is proving a key differentiator as part of this transformation,” said Amit Midha, Dell EMC APJ Commercial president.

“Looking across different markets and industries in the region however, routes to realising the benefits of implementing IoT are not always evident. Even the first steps on projects are hindered by the lack of best practice or the complexity of technology,” he shared.

Future of Data TransfersHe added Dell’s tailored IoT solutions, services and partner ecosystem would enable organisations to navigate the challenges and drive their digital transformation journeys.

Dell New IoT Division

The company’s new IoT Division will be led by VMware CTO Ray O’Farrell, and is chartered with orchestrating the development of IoT products and services across the Dell family.

The IoT Solutions Division will combine internally developed technologies with offerings from the vast Dell Technologies ecosystem to deliver complete solutions for the customer.


“Dell Technologies has long seen the opportunity within the rapidly growing world of IoT, given its rich history in the edge computing market” said Ray O’Farrell, who is also VMware executive vice-president and Dell’s IoT division general manager.


He added the new division will leverage the strength across all of Dell’s family of businesses to ensure the delivery of the right – in combination with its vast partner ecosystem – to meet customer needs and help them deploy integrated IoT systems with greater ease.

Organic Investments in our IoT Future – Products, Labs, Partner Program

The span of the next three years will see Dell is investing RM423 billion (USD1 billion) in new IoT products, solutions, labs, partner program and ecosystem.


Today, Dell has already provided Edge Gateways, which can be secured and managed by VMware IoT Control Center.  Dell EMC PowerEdge C-Series servers have been enhanced for batch training and machine learning as a part of the distributed core.


Meanwhile, Dell EMC Isilon and Elastic Cloud Storage have provided file and object storage for massive amounts of data and enable analytics through HDFS.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS) provide an ideal platform for developing new cloud-based analytics applications.


Virtustream’s PCF Service provides a managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry Service simplifying the deployment and operation of mission-critical cloud architected workloads in Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, while Virtustream Storage Cloud is available for off-premises cloud object storage.


Finally, Dell Boomi rapidly connects relevant data to enhance cloud-based analytics and deep learning.


New product development initiatives include:

  • Dell EMC ‘Project Nautilus’: Software that enables the ingestion and querying of data streams from IoT gateways in real time. Data can subsequently be archived to file or object storage for deeper advanced analytics;


  • ‘Project Fire’: a hyper converged platform part of the VMware Pulse family of IoT solutions that includes simplified management, local compute, storage and IoT applications such as real-time analytics. ‘Project Fire’ enables businesses to roll-out IoT use cases faster and have consistent infrastructure software from edge to core to cloud;



  • RSA ‘Project IRIS’:Currently under development in RSA Labs, Iris extends the Security Analytics capability to provide threat visibility and monitoring right out to the edge;


  • Disruptive technologies like processor accelerators will increase the velocity of analytics closer to the edge. Collaboration with industry leaders like VMware, Intel and NVIDIA and the Dell Technologies Capital investment in Graphcore reflect opportunities to optimise servers for AI, machine learning and deep learning performance.


Additionally, customers can now visit one of the newly designed Dell IoT Labs.


New IoT services initiatives include:

  • Advisory services including strategic consulting to set business goals, direction and strategy, infrastructure design, deployment and support services.


  • Implementation of ‘Worldwide Herd’, consulting services for performinganalytics on geographically dispersed data – increasingly important to enable deep learning ondatasets that cannot be moved for reasons of size, privacy and regulatory concern.


In addition, with the core focus on technology and services, Dell’s strategy is to grow the IoT footprint via a strong partner program and ecosystem.


  • Dell’s award-winning IoT Solutions Partner Program is a carefully curated, multi-tiered program comprising more than 90 partners from enterprises like Intel, Microsoft and SAP to start-ups like Action Point, IMS Evolve, FogHorn and Zingbox.


  • The program will now support partners across all Dell businesses, allowing for easier collaboration and implementation of blueprints.



  • An example of the partner ecosystem at work is the recent announcement that VMware and SAP are collaborating to create an integrated solution for IoT analytics and vertical applications. The solution utilises VMware Pulse IoT Center, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo and is designed to help customers roll out IoT use cases faster and scale more easily.


Dell continues the commitment to openness and standardisation in IoT by participation in efforts such as EdgeX Foundry, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the OpenFog Consortium. Seeded by Dell source code, EdgeX Foundry is a vendor-neutral open source project building a common interoperability framework to facilitate an ecosystem for edge computing.


Since launching in April 2017, EdgeX Foundry has grown to more than 60 member organisations. Recently the project announced its first major milestone with the ‘Barcelona’ code release, as well as an alliance with the IIC to collaborate on testbeds.


IoT is creating new revenue models for customers and, in turn, new financing options. Dell provides customers with cloud-like payment flexibility through Dell Financial Services flexible consumption models. These payment solutions are available across the Dell family of business and allow customers flexibility in technology acquisition and consumption.

Investments in IoT Future through Dell Technologies Capital

Dell Technologies Capital, the venture arm of Dell, is partnering closely with the new IoT division, providing industry insight and relationships to support its strategic agenda.

Through its investments in promising startups and founders, Dell Technologies Capital provides a valuable link to the external innovation ecosystem, effectively accelerating the development and deployment of new IoT, AI and ML technologies and solutions. Dell Technologies Capital will be showcasing some of these startups and investments at the company’s New York IQT event, including:


  • EdicoGenome, creator of world’s first processor designed to analyse next-generation sequencing data


  • FogHorn Systems, a leading developer of edge-device intelligence software for IoT solutions



  • Graphcore, a developer of next-generation processors optimised to accelerate AI-solutions


  • Moogsoft, a market leader in applying Artificial Intelligence to IT Ops (AIOps)



  • Zing box, a developer of IoT security solutions to enable the Internet of Trusted Things


Customer quotes:


Vishwas Chitale, Chief Technology Officer, Chitale Dairy (India)

“Adopting Dell Technologies IoT solutions gave us scalability which was nearly impossible just a generation ago. Through innovative applications of technology, we’re able to monitor our farmers’ 10,000 cows’ daily activity and health, granting us real breakthroughs in elevating livestock productivity. We’ve been able to increase dairy production yield 10x, and boosted the local economy thereby strengthening our position as a leader in India’s dairy industry. Dell Technologies brings deep understanding of the needs of our business and how to transform it as our IoT partner.”


Narongchai Khunpluem, Mayor of the Saensuk Municipality(Thailand)

“Saensuk Smart City will rely on advanced technologies to make residents’ lives better and improve the tourist experience for visitors to the city. We chose to work with Dell Technologies as they have established smart city credentials, having created highly reliable, large-scale Internet of Things projects in other cities across Asia Pacific. We’re pleased with the implementation of the project in this first phase and are confident that the subsequent stages of the project will deliver valuable results for our city.”


David Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AeroFarms (USA)

“AeroFarms is redefining agriculture combining world-class expertise for horticulture, engineering, food safety, nutrition, and data science to set a new standard for product quality and production. We are as much a capabilities company as we are farmers, utilising science and technology to achieve our vision of totally-controlled agriculture. We have worked closely with Dell Technologies to develop the tools to wirelessly track and monitor our product throughout the growing process from seed to package. Dell Technologies understands our IoT infrastructure and integration needs, and we see the opportunity to collaborate on additional solutions as we build our indoor vertical farms in major cities around the world.”


Partner quote:


SS Lim, Managing Director, PTC Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)

“The IoT represents a transformative shift for the economy and will open a range of new business opportunities. The ability to collect, analyse huge quantities of data to integrate and make changes to your business will create a value proposition to take advantage of the opportunities. Dell Technologies’ IoT portfolio and solution offering provides the ability to collect data from devices and sensors, plus the ability to offer deep insight for the services you want to provide to your customers or end users.”


Analyst quote:


Christopher R. Wilder, Sr. Analyst Internet of Things

“Today there are real IoT solutions available to enterprises that increase efficiency, reduce risk, improve customer experience, and create new revenue streams and business models for their specific use cases. Moor Insights & Strategy recommends enterprises looking to identify, design, and deploy IoT solutions strongly consider Dell Technologies as a collaborative partner. Their experience, broad infrastructure portfolio, well curated partner program, world-classservice, support and global scale make them uniquely positioned as one of the only tier one, end-to-end, IoT solutions provider in the industry.”


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