Unixus Solutions innovating logistical solutions through Microsoft Azure

E-commerce and logistics company, Unixus Solutions (Unixus) has committed to simplify and to innovate logistical solutions.

By developing IT solutions, Unixus’ sister company, Logistics Worldwide Express has enable shippers to print shipping labels and an integrated system which provides comprehensive applications to manage the complete logistics processes.

Since 2010, Unixus has integrated more than 30 shipping modules for different logistics and postal carriers worldwide, which in turn, allow services to be provided to 200 destinations worldwide.


What makes Unixus different is its strength in bridging logistics, e-commerce and technology, giving it the edge in providing innovative and effective solutions in the e-commerce and logistics industries.

Additionally, their customer ranges from the logistic and courier industry, freight forwarding companies, e-commerce platform as well as small, medium enterprises (SME) retailers.

And with rapidly updating of their solutions and integrations seamlessly, Unixus ensure that they will continue to be agile when responding to the needs of their customers and empowering them to react quickly to new business deals and partnerships.Microsoft_Azure_630x300_1

Business Needs

Unixus aims to be recognised as an agile, reliable and innovative IT solutions provider in the logistics industry.

As the industry is highly competitive, Unixus required scalable, reliable and cutting-edge tools and services to allow them to create competitive services for its clients which include data analytics, BI, AI, blockchain technology and more.

That said, Microsoft Azure has slid perfectly into this role with their multiple technologies.

Prior to Unixus move to Microsoft Azure, it has hosted their IT solutions with a local service provider where their servers were eventually hacked and intruded.

Adding to that, the high ownership cost for the IT infrastructure especially for such a small start-up did not bode well for Unixus.

Taking steps to Azure with rhipe

Initially, when Unixus took its first steps to Microsoft Azure, they were faced with several difficulties.

However, with the help from rhipe, it reviewed Unixus’ Azure environment and proposed further improvements that helps Unixus reduce risks, total cost of ownership and increase the business value of their services.

At the same time, rhipe has helped Unixus to redesign their Azure Backup and security surrounding their core Web and Microsoft SQL workloads, making sure that their data is well protected – reducing risks.belgium-antwerp-shipping-container-163726.jpeg

Rhipe has also looked at Unixus existing business flow and helped eliminate future limitations while introducing new non-relational database technologies like Azure Table Storage to improve performances of Unixus’ database queries.

Meanwhile, it has also enabled Unixus to move towards a “serverless” through migrating Unixus to to Azure SQL Service, Azure Web App and Azure Automation.

This eventually helped reduce Unixus’s TCO to maintain their core workloads, improve performance, and enable agility to scale up when they expand their operations to other regions.

Adoption of Microsoft Azure’s tools and technologies

With all Unixus’ logistics are heavily in data transaction, it will require the access to a “serverless” infrastructure as Unixus logistics clients are growing and are across geographical regions which include Asia, Europe and North America.

And in order to meet its customers’ needs, it had to scale their IT infrastructure with minimum time and impact on their budget.

With the wide array of technologies from Microsoft Azure, Unixus has innovated their software offerings effortlessly.

Today, Unixus is able to serve their customers without having to commit to expensive hardware, maintenance and setup.


Through Azure Table storage, it has enabled Unixus to store logging data, GPS tracking data as well as parcel tracking data quickly and cost effectively.

Unixus CTO Daphne Choong said through the use of Azure Table Storage for logs, images and data, Unixus has been able to effectively improve query time by more than 200%.

At the same time, Microsoft Azure’s backup, log analytics and redundancy technology have enabled Unixus to offer security to their clients by ensuring disaster recovery within the agreed service level agreement.

Additionally, Microsoft Azure’s Log Analytics allowed Unixus to carry out performance tuning and monitoring of the quality of their services.

Microsoft Azure has also provided convenience for Unixus with Microsoft Azure’s Windows Server VM and SQL Server 2016 VM’s where the company can host their applications.

These applications form the end-to-end logistics solutions that Unixus provide to their clients.

Within 2017, Unixus could scale their cloud infrastructure to support better connectivity between China and other countries.

To add to that, Unixus has a Microsoft Azure’s data centre in China where it is hosting some of their applications.

Currently, Unixus is looking forward to venture into the data analytics sector to add value to their business through the power of Microsoft Azure.

So by leveraging on Microsoft Azure, Unixus has built a highly available platform to offer to their customers, while reducing risk, reducing cost and increasing profit where they also spend less time managing and more time innovating.


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