Neffos unveils new line-up of smartphones

Global provider of networking products, TP-Link together with its smartphone arm Neffos has unveiled an exciting range of products, designed specifically to offer consumers a seamless viewing experience at home or on-the-go.

Neffos unveiled its latest X9, C9, C9A and the C7A smartphones which come packed with FullView Display, larger battery capacity as well as Arcsoft-registered photography capabilities.

Its chief executive officer Jason Xu said Neffos believes that excellent performance smartphones do not need to be priced overly expensive.

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Neffos CEO Jason Xu is optimistic Neffos will among the top five smartphone brands in Malaysia.

“This in which lies at the foundation of our success, and the new Neffos X9 is designed to prove that. At the same time, we believe in our continued efforts and hope to drive the brand’s sales and share the growth in Malaysia and across the globe,” he said.

He added that he is confident that the Neffos X9 would be well-received and will sell about 30,000 units within the first three months of its release in the Malaysian market.

Meanwhile, Neffos has exceeded its initial sales target of 100% and has sold about 300,000 units in the first half of 2018.

“Our sales have reached up to 140% by June, hence, we decided to set a new sales target at 150% for the remaining half of this year. At the same time, we are optimistic that we will exceed the 600,000 units sale target come the year end.

“At the same time, we are optimistic that we will be in among the top five smartphone brands in Malaysia by the end of this year,” Xu said, adding that sales revenue has increased by 300% as compared to last year.

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TP-Link Distribution Malaysia Sdn Bhd director Hugo Cai

Prior to entering the Malaysian market, Xu said sales was quite a challenge due to the competitive nature of the smartphone market in Malaysia.

“However, we have found the right strategy and that is by producing quality products but with a reasonable price,” he said, adding of which the strategy has largely contributed to Neffos’ growth.

“We managed to find a way to produce quality products with reasonable price and that has been the strategy what we have undertook going into the smartphone market.

“And with the right direction that we are on, it will continue to contribute to a high increase of growth which will then provide us the opportunity to expand the business,” Xu said, adding that sales have gradually increase at a fast rate.

In regard to yearly sales target, Neffos has exceed its initial target of 100% where the smartphone brand has sold about 300,000 units in the first six months of 2018.


Neffos P1, the first built-in laser smartphone.

“With most people are using smart devices and communicating through them, this will be one of our long-term strategies,” he said.

Meanwhile, Neffos has teased the arrival of a new innovation by showcasing the its first smartphone, Neffos P1 which comes with built-in laser projector capable of displaying a 200-inch image.


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