Review: Dell Ultrathin 24-inch monitor (S2419HM)

Being slim or thin (let’s not judge one’s preference of size) has always be an in-thing over the years.
That said, many of us are working hard at the gym or pushing ourselves through rigorous and strict diets to achieve a slim or even a thin figure.

Dell 24 Ultrathin Monitor

Not looking much further, even smart devices(laptops, smartphones, tablets and etc) have also started ‘working out’ or gone on a ‘diet’ to have a slim and sexy (some would say) body.
And in actuality, computer monitors are not excluded as Dell has released two Ultrathin monitors, the 24-inch (S2419HM) and the 27-inch (S2719D) of which were unveiled during the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

Both monitors are not only thin in size but also support high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging which packs quite a punch.

That said, TechSideTales had the privilege to get a hands-on experience with the 24-inch Ultrathin monitor.


First impression of the Dell Ultrathin 24 S2419HM, it does represents its “ultrathin” feature as its display chassis only measures 1.14-inches at its thickest point while reducing to 0.20-inches at its edges.
The monitor stand measures less than 1.5-inches thick and the base has a neat 8.5 x 6.2 inches trapezoidal support.
It is a little disappointing that the mm monitor does not have an alternate mounting options (personally, it would look good mounted on a wall).
Nonetheless, the architecture of its 24-inch IPS panel features Dell’s CinemaColor technology that highlights the monitor’s rich 8-bit and HDR support, while supported by superthin InfinityEdge bezels.
Meanwhile, the monitor’s power and control buttons are well positioned by the bottom bezel which is just a little larger (0.3-inches) than the top and side bezels of just 0.2-inches thick.

Dell 24 Ultrathin Monitor


In terms of ports, it is quite a downer as the Dell 24S2419HM has only four ports on the back of its chassis; the power, audio input for either headphones or speakers and two HDMI inputs.
This lies some disappointments as most monitors would have alternative inputs such as DVI, DisplayPort or even VGA.
However, the two HDMI ports have made it a lot easier especially if you have two video sources you would like to hook them up to. Personally, having two HDMI ports have always been a must-have requirement for me as I’d use the monitor for a gaming console, (Nintendo Switch).

Dell 24 Ultrathin Monitor


To fully view the sharp and vibrant colours of the Dell 24 S2419HM, a range of test videos were needed to be watched. And, yes, the results did not disappoint but rather exceeded my expectations as the videos were clear and bright with full of colours.
When it came to gaming on the Ultrathin 24-inch monitor, results were equally as good as it has a 5-millisecond response.
Playing games such as Total War: Warhammer 2 on the PC was quite a sight as the colours of the game is quite gloomy and dark, stood out.
While on the Nintendo Switch’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, came much more alive as it the 24S2419HM highlights the brightness and vibrancy of the colours.


At the end of the day, the Dell Ultrathin 24S2419HM could possibly be the next monitor I’d get looking at how impressed in most ways; thin design, vibrant and bright colour display.
However, it would have been ideal if Dell included alternate port selections and even a built-in speaker. Nonetheless, these are just some of my personal preferences as there are always converters (if need be) and the audio port which can be connected to a headphones or speakers of your choice.


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