Neffos P1 – First smartphone with built-in laser projector

Less than a month ago, Neffos has teased one of its upcoming and groundbreaking smartphones to launch in the market.P1 image-01

And if you have been living underneath a rock or a coconut shell, the smartphone Neffos will be launching is the Neffos P1 which boast a built-in projector for viewing HD content on a wall with a screen size of up to 200 inches.

That said, the P1 will definitely get consumers to expand their world with such innovation that embraces both productivity and portability as well as the smartphone’s multimedia capabilities.

In addition, the P1 uses American’s military-grade micro-electric-mechanical systems (MEMS) laser technology and a three-colour beam light to produce a clear and high-resolution picture on a flat wall or a screen.P1 image-04

Highlighting its projector, the distance between the P1 and the surface it is projecting on between 1.8 meters where the screen size is estimated to reach to 70-inches. And as the phone gets away from the surface, the size increases of which can go up to 200-inches.

It also features an intelligent picture correction where users will not need to do any extra configuration. And regardless how the smartphone is mounted, the projected image will always be rectangular.P1 image-03

Not forgetting how vivid and detailed the built-in projector is, Neffos P1 has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 of which is much higher than of a standard digital-light-processing projector where it has a native ratio of 400:1. Hence, the P1 has superior contrast ratio which allow for striking visuals in high definition.

Additionally, the P1 is capable of displaying a much wider range of color compared to most other devices using a different technology to project an image on a surface.

It supports 150 percent of the NTSC color space, whereas DLP and LED projectors support between 90 percent and 128 percent color gamut in NTSC. The color gamut of the regular LCD TV covers only 60 percent of the NTSC space.P1 image-05

Meanwhile, the said wider colour gamut means content creators are able to display their works in a way true to their vision.

And if you’re worried about the projector to be a battery eater, fret not as Neffos states the built-in projector consume less power (being able to project an image for up to four hours on a single charge of is massive 4,000mAh battery).

Neffos P1 sports an octa-core processor, coupled with dual-core Mali-T860 graphics and 4GB RAM for consistently fluid experiences when gaming, multitasking, or performing a demanding task. It also sports a massive 5.5-inch, 1080p display.

The smartphone is only 10mm thick weighs only 203 gram making it lightweight and portable for a smartphone cum projector.


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