Review: Samsung 32″ QLED Gaming Monitor with Quantum Dot

Do You Want to See My Curves?

Images by Samsung

Are you into curvaceous and large sexy beasts, maybe about 32-inch (DO NOT OVERTHINK)? And possibly, you’re looking for a replacement after finding dead pixels on your monitor or you’re just itchy for something new?


Why not check out the curvaceous Samsung 32” Gaming Monitor with Quantum Dot (C32HG70).

Being no strangers to gaming monitors, on top its large and curvy display, the CH32GH70 offers superb colours and contrast together with its QHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate that is just perfect for gamers.

Judging from the first impression (just by its specs), Samsung CH32GH70 is what you would want if you are planning to purchase a curved HDR gaming monitor.


Being label as a gaming monitor, Samsung had taken a minimalist approach in its design for the CH32GH70 – in other word, it is quite unimpressive.


Its stand requires good amount of table space.

Other than its triangular stand and the questionable lights behind on the back of the monitor, the impression of being a gaming monitor does not stand out as compared to others such as Alienware or Asus.

However, it does fit perfectly well for designers or even home offices that are looking for a minimalist approach.

That said, what would irk them though will be the monitor’s triangular stand as it takes up quite a lot of table space. So, consider the size of your table before making the purchase.

Despite being curvaceous and large, the CH32GH70 is quite flexible as its stand can swivel in any direction (oh sexy!). Nevertheless, the design of the stand has a large arm that bulges up from its back and yes, taking up a lot of space again.


Moving to the rear end of the CH32GH70, you’d expect to see more ports being a gaming monitor.

Well, it is not all that bad as Samsung has provided a pair of USB3.0 ports, one of which has quick-charging (don’t forget your USB-C cable to charge your Samsung smartphone).


One of the USB 3.0 has quick-charging capability

Also, it has two HDMI ports as well as a single DisplayPort which makes it possible to connect a PS4 Pro, your gaming desktop or maybe the Nintendo Switch (if you’ve jumped on that bandwagon) altogether without getting a HDMI switcher.

The downer of this gaming monitor is that is lacks built-in speakers, so you would need to connect external speakers or headphones to enjoy its immersive HDR display while watching movies.



Samsung’s CH32GH70 is hands down a gamer’s dream of a gaming monitor as its 144Hz refresh rate allows games to run smooth. And if you’re running on an AMD card, the monitor’s FreeSync 2 capabilities will prevent your gameplay from ever tearing, even if HDR is enabled.

Playing the recent third-person squad shooter Strange Brigade by Rebellion Developments on an AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 8GB Quad-Core Processor with an AMD Radeon RX560, performance was crisp and yes, the FreeSync 2 capabilities prevent tearing even when settings were cranked all the way up to Ultra.

In addition, the CH32GH70’s is quite remarkable with its 1ms response time.

You can read the TechsideTales’ review of Strange Brigade here.

Meanwhile, for its menu adjustment, it is through a single button on the back where it functions as a mini-joystick as well.

It navigates through the OSD quite fluidly without any lag. Scrolling through the menu allows you to adjust the brightness, sharpness, contracts and volume (if you link up speakers/headphones to the monitor), while clicking on it will show a more in-depth menu.

In all, Samsung CH32GH70 would be considered the dream of any gamers if they are looking for the size and a curved immersive gaming monitor.

This Samsung gaming monitor’s immersion and colour reproduction would be hard to beat.

That said, to own this gargantuan monitor, you would need to consider the appropriate size for your table, a standard size desk would not suffice.

In addition, being a 32-inch, you would need to position yourself at the right distance to get the best view and also preventing your eyeballs from being potentially blinded by its magnificent brightness.

Certainly, this is not the most expensive curved gaming monitor out there in the market and if you have a powerful graphics card and wanting to take full advantage of it (not going full 4K), the CH32GH70 would be your ideal choice for now.


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