Delivering home-cooked food to your doorstep.

Have you ever been so bogged down with work or school that you do not have time to get food?


Have you had days that you were not in the mood to cook and do not want to get caught in traffic to buy food?

If your answer is yes, many of you would consider of ordering food through the various food delivery services that are available in the market.

However, most if not all of these food delivery services are delivering food from restaurants, cafes, fast-food outlets and even from the mamak food shops (Muslim-Indian cuisine).

Well, yes, there are plenty of choices out there, but won’t you want to savour some home-cooked food once in a while, if not more often than not?

So, if you have started to salivate on your favourite home-cooked meals while wanting it to be delivered to your doorstep, here is your answer to satisfy your home-cooked meal craving: EatFun.

Unlike the many food delivery services, EatFun is an online food marketplace which delivers home-cooked meals throughout the Klang Valley.

In an exclusive interview with TechsideTales, Lai Chang Yin the founder of EatFun, talks about the technology and motivation behind setting up of this platform.

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Chang Yin: Our business operation is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business model

TST: Do share with us what motivated you to start up EatFun?

Chang Yin: Being an online food marketplace that delivers home-cooked food, I started this business to provide housewives or culinarians to have a platform to share their ‘art’ (food) to the masses.

I see cooking as an art as it requires passion (and skills). We can’t force someone who doesn’t enjoy culinary to cook.

At the same time, with many chefs in many restaurants and even coffee shops are foreigners, there is a high possibility that the food standards are not up to standard.

TST: Being fairly new in the food delivery industry, what makes EatFun different to the rest?

Chang Yin: Indeed, online food marketplaces/delivery is not a new service here in Malaysia. However, what makes us different is that we delivery home-cooked food.

Also, unlike the rest, their business operations are mainly more on business-to-consumers (B2C), our business operation is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business model.

Food Shot 1 by Home Chef

Oh! Pasta!

So, anyone who has a kitchen can join the platform and use it to sell their home-cooked meals to other consumers. I’d say we are something like Uber and Grab, being a disruptor in the food delivery industry.

TST: Do share with us what is the technology behind EatFun’s operation? Also, how has technology changed the food delivery industry?

Chang Yin: In terms of technology, my team has created our own automation process which is made available for both consumers and chef to use.icons8-automation-50

The orders will directly translate into an order summary which will be sent automatically to the chefs via WhatApps.

Also, the cut-off time is split to 7PM and 11PM where chefs will receive the notifications to estimate the amount of food needed to be prepared.

In addition, by just few clicks, our chefs are able to get the menu and choose the days that they plan to work – making the task to be easy and efficient.

That said, this can be all done via a smartphone as long they are connected to the Internet. The automation process certainly helps the efficacy of our delivery process while getting the public to be more tech-savvy.

Food Shot 3 by Home Chef

Imagine this being delivered to your doorstep!

Meanwhile, we are currently in the works to create an app and it is expected to be ready in first quarter of 2019.

We aspired to create an interactive platform to allow system integration to be parked under it – such as tracking our delivery boys’ whereabouts, chefs’ availability and a community rating system.

TST: That said, what are in the pipeline for EatFun in the near future?

Chang Yin: In the next six months, we are planning to increase the number of our chefs on the platform to about 150. Also, we are planning to increase our sales by 350 meals in a day, currently we are selling about 100 meals a day.

Food Delivery Service

EatFun is delivering about 100 meals per day.


Meanwhile, in terms of technology, we are planning implement some form of artificial intelligence (AI) in our operation.

However, before implementing AI, we will need the data. Thankfully, we have managed to gather the data through our C2C business model where we have gained data on our chefs and customers.

To be more specific, we will be implementing an AI chatbot that will suggest meals to customers based on the data which has been collected.

Also, we are looking into expanding our presence in either Singapore or the Philippines before other players can dominate this market.


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