NEM Malaysia Hosts First-ever Women in Blockchain Asia

NEM Malaysia had recently organised the first-ever Women in Blockchain where participants had the opportunity to get insights  from blockchain entrepreneurs, developers and regulators.

Women in Blockchain focused on showcasing the women behind the blockchain industry while to provide a platform to share knowledge and their perspectives.

At the same time, the event was part of NEM’s larger objective to promote the development and adoption of blockchain technology not in Malaysia but also globally.

The inaugural Women in Blockchain had also partnered two local non-profit women’s organisations to highlight the discussion around women at risk of social and economic exclusion, and how the blockchain community can play a part in creating better lives. Part of the proceeds from WIB will be donated to their cause.

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah said the government is committed to bring about democracy and an ‘Inclusive Politics’ and aspire towards laying the foundations for genuine human development.Stephen Chia of NEM with MP of Petaling Jaya, Maria Chin Abdullah (1)

“One of the causes I am passionate about is the empowerment of women. There is a need to not only build the leadership capacity of the women, but to inspire them to feel that this is a viable and sustainable path where they can better their own lives, their families and society.

“I congratulate NEM for organising the Women in Blockchain Asia event which provides a platform for raising awareness in this matter, and how revolutionary technologies such as blockchain can be leveraged for social good, bringing transparency, equality and openness – values that are in line with the New Malaysia – to the table for the betterment of individuals and the nation as a whole,” she said.

Meanwhile Foundation investment and special projects director Jasmine Ng said Women in Blockchain is where talented, successful personalities can come together to share, discuss and explore the opportunities in what is a rapidly growing technology.

“While the technology is set to revolutionises the way we do business, it also has a role to play in encouraging social inclusion and empowering marginalised women. We want to be part of these conversations and we believe that NEM can make a difference” she said.

 Breaking barriers through blockchain

Blockchain technology has been gaining global traction across various verticals and industries, some of which may seem unlikely given the differences in the tech, and the ‘non-financial’ nature of some of these sectors.

Besides highlighting the achievements of women in the blockchain sphere, speakers at WIB presented in-depth insights into the impact of blockchain in areas such as healthcare and the legal community, apart from topics like cyber security and privacy.NEM Women in Blockchain group photo_s

Participants were introduced to blockchain and its applications, as well as learn about opportunities and innovations from experts such as Daphne Choong, Key Member & Logistic Worldwide Express Chief Technology Officer of Women Who Code; Elizabeth Chee, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of HIT Foundation; Belinda Lim, Founding Member of The Good Block; and Madga Chelly, Director of Responsible Cyber.

In the same vein, Elizabeth Chee, COO and Co-Founder of HIT Foundation, shared during her session how healthcare health data can help spur universal basic income.

The key principal is that data is an individual’s intellectual property, and through blockchain each individual can trace its usage. Individuals should get paid for health information instead of paying others such as hospitals to process or store it.

“I’m honoured and at the same time very excited to have presented and listened to the experts here who share similar views that are close to my heart, including economic empowerment and financial inclusion – giving opportunities to, and educating, women about blockchain,” she said.


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