Christmas Wish List 2018 (Laptop): Dell XPS 13 9370

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In about 60 days or so, it would be the time of the year where most of us are looking forward to.

And if you’re still somewhat clueless, let gets Captain Obvious to tell you, it is Christmas!

Now that we are on the same page, have you thought about what would you want for your Christmas presents? Or even better, what are you going to be giving to your loved ones?

If you have not given any thoughts about it, there is still time to think and more importantly to save up enough money to buy the perfect gift for your special tech buddy (or even your significant other).


Dell XPS 13

And if you’re thinking of getting a new laptop, we have a suggestion for you, the Dell XPS 13 9370 and here are the reasons why TechsideTales believes it would one of the perfect presents this Christmas.


  1. The Dell XPS 13 is a lightweight laptop, merely weighing at 2.67 pounds (1.21kg). It was also a good move from Dell to decrease the size the XPS 13 chassis to be 30% thinner to 0.3-inches (3.4mm).


    4K UHD Display

  2. It could be ideal for your girlfriend or wife if they are hinting for a brand-new laptop this Christmas. In addition, the design of the XPS 13 would be an eye-catcher as it comes in Rose Gold on Alpine White colour option.
  3. Another key point to look out for on the XPS 13 is its display where the screen is now available with an optional 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution. However, if you opted out for the 4K UHD touch screen, you would still be impressed by its Full-HD non-touch glossy panel. Nonetheless, the screen really matches the overall aesthetic of the XPS 13 – its extremely thin bezels of the InfinityEdge IPS display which you’d not realised they existed.
  4. And if you or the recipient of the XPS 13 are in need of strong processing power, you’re in luck as it runs on the latest Intel processors (Intel Core i7 8th Gen). Also, this Dell XPS 13 has the Gore thermal insulation for stronger heat dissipation.
  5. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful enough to edit your photos on-the-go, then yes, you found the right machine to be packed in your bag. On top of that, Dell has included a microSD card slot to transfer photos with ease. 

However, the Dell XPS 13 still comes with some flaws (it is okay, nothing is perfect, but we strive to be).


An odd position for the webcam

  1. If you’re thinking of gaming (can’t forget you gamers out there) on the XPS 13, it will not be up your alley especially if you’re looking to play any of the latest triple A titles. However, Less-demanding games and even some indie games would perform decently well.
  2. One of the most obvious issues with the XPS 13 is the position of its webcam – right in the middle (good) but at the bottom of the screen (honestly, Dell, please take note of this for 2019’s model). Imagine having to look into someone’s nostril filled with hair and whatnot. No thanks. However, kudos for facial recognition login with the IR camera and the four-mic array. So, if you’re into video calls, get an external webcam.
  3. Lastly, this machine does not come cheap. Yes, it may be cheaper than the upcoming Apple iPhone XS Max but yes, you would need to fork out quite a sum to be a proud owner or giver of the XPS 13. On Dell Malaysia’s website, it retails at RM6299 (after instant cash redemption).

With all that said, the Dell XPS 13 would be an ideal laptop to get before the year comes to an end. Being such a lightweight yet packed with the optional 4K display and strong processing power, this laptop will surely have enough juice for most daily activities.

The downside is the exuberant price, though are you willing to take the risk on a lower-end laptop only to make a change the following year? Meanwhile, if you’re more than the average gamer, best you look elsewhere as there are gaming laptops around the same price as the Dell XPS 13.


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