Christmas Wish List 2018 (Smartphone): Neffos X9

Oh look, November is already here and it makes Christmas a lot nearer than you think.

That said, have you given any thoughts for your own Christmas wish list or a gift for your loved one?Neffos X9 - 01

And with 2018 having witnessed countless launches of smartphones (like most years), there will a tad too many options to choose from.

However, if you’re like most of us (well, mainly for us at TechsideTales, jokes) who are on a budget (year-end holiday trips), and you’re considering of getting a second smartphone or just want to satisfy that ‘itch’, here’s a suggestion from your friendly tech portal for your consideration; the Neffos X9.

  1. First of all, the X9 should not burden you financially as it is only retailing at RM599. And if you think it will look cheap and plasticky – Nope – Neffos has certainly designed the X9 to give a premium through its polycarbonate unibody with a metallic feel.
  2. Speaking of display, the X9 features a large a 5.99-inch, 18:9 FullView screen which is best for those who enjoying watching videos and films on-the-go. The colours produced on the X9 are rather natural where the contrast is adequate. At the same time, in its auto-brightness mode, the display will automatically adjust the X9’s screen brightness to suit the current lighting conditions. With the Turn On Eye Protection Mode (well, most devices have it), it will help reduce the blue light emission up to 89% – for easy reading.
  3. Kudos to Neffos to continue to keep the headphone jack alive and the standard positions of the volume and power buttons. More credits should be given for the X9’s well-round positioned fingerprint scanner.
    In addition, it has a quick response time and if you are not a finger-kinda-person, you can always opt to use the AI Face Unlock – which takes less than a second to activate when the screen is off.
  4. Understandably, most of us would expect a USB-C charging port for most smart devices today (unless you’re true loyalist to Apple), but the X9 has decided to stay with the classic microUSB port to charge itself. Before jumping the gun, Neffos has given the X9 fast-charging for its mid-range 3060mAh battery.  You can expect to be fully-charged from 10% in about an hour and a half.
  5. Being the second Neffos device to have dual lens for its rear camera, the X9’s 13-megapixel PDAF and 5-megapixel depth detection camera provides users to easily capture ‘bokeh’ shots. That said, the rear camera, in good lighting, would produce slightly better than average images. You’d probably need to go out of your way and put more effort to take stunning images with the X9.

Meanwhile, the X9 has some shortcomings that you may want to consider (like it or not, even the device that cost RM7XXX would have flaws too. Believe that).

  1. If you are expecting to game heavily on the X9, think again as it is running on the MediaTek MT6750 (with 3GB of RAM), a chipset which is about 2 years old or more. So, playing high-end mobile games (Fortnite, PUBG and Mobile Legends) on the X9 will be hairpulling experience. However, casual gaming, don’t judge us, like Reigns and InstLife, would not dampen your gaming experience. Neffos X9 - 02
    That said, the X9 is design for the average user – call, text, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat), YouTube and Spotify – so, if this is you, then X9 is worth every penny of yours.
  2. However, if you’re an average user but heavily use WhatApps and YouTube – do not expect to see the X9 battery to last you an entire day without a powerbank. Its mediocre 3060mAh battery could last a full day if there is not much phone activities. So, either you are prepared to carry your powerbank wherever you go (we all do right?) or be constantly looking for the nearest charging port when you’re running out phone juice.

In conclusion, the Neffos X9 is definitely affordable where it looks rather premium as well as being a lightweight device (weighing only at 168-gram) would certain be worth getting this Christmas.

The X9 does have great features yet with some shortcoming, nonetheless, it would be a decent secondary smartphone as an on-the-go multimedia device or as a Christmas gift for your school-going child (you gotta start somewhere) – if you’re opting to go a different route than the usual Chinese smartphone brands.




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