Go crazy with Neffos C9A

When it comes to budget smartphones, often if not always, we would tend to question their features while associating these smartphones to be off poor quality.

In most cases that could be true but not all affordable smartphones are made equal (as bad) as the Neffos C9A could possibly be the smartphone in this category to go for.

Being known for bringing higher-end features to both entry and mid-range level, Neffos has designed the C9A to no exceptions.


Neffos C9A

Right out of the box, you would be surprised by the elegant design of the C9A – kudos to Neffos for designing an affordable smartphone to have a classy look. Also, you would not have to worry about fingerprint smudges on the back of the C9A as the body is completely made of plastic – but a good quality of plastic.

On top of that, the device is lightweight (only 145 gram) and compact where you can use it with just one hand – without facing any inconvenience. The fingerprint scanner, yes, you read this right, is at the right position where it requires little to no effort to unlock the C9A.


At the same time, the C9A features a FullView 18:9 aspect ratio display that is often most seen on the more expensive smartphones. This makes viewing video content and multimedia great especially you’re always on-the-go.

In terms of audio, the C9A’s mono speaker is pretty good – not too soft nor too loud – however, if you do want better audio and privacy, Neffos has provided a 3.5mm audio jack unlike some higher tier smartphones.


For the price you’d need to pay for the C9A, Neffos did not forego the microSD slot for memory expansion as its internal storage is just 16GB.

For performance’s wise, the C9A is powered by a Mediatek MT6739 running on 2GB of RAM. For the daily run of the mill (calling, texting and social media), the device runs decently well.

However, if you expect to play games, you may be faced with some hurdles. At the same time, you should consider the number of apps on the C9A to avoid slowing down the device.


Meanwhile, the main rear camera on the C9A boast a 13-megapixel single lens camera with an aperture of f/2.2. Being priced as what it is, the quality of camera is acceptable. It takes fairly good photographs, specifically when there is sufficient lighting. Quality takes a dipped in low-light environments.

The front 5-megapixel front camera is enough for the casual selfies.

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Photos taken on the Neffos C9A

In regard to battery life, the device has a non-removable 3020mAh battery where it could last a day with active use. If you’re thinking on binging on Netflix or YouTube, it would last you about three to five hours. On that note, if you’re a heavy user on multimedia, remember your powerbank.

Being in the affordable range (below RM500), the C9A does not have any fast-charging capabilities, however, this is expected. Nonetheless, for what is priced, it has a moderately good battery life.

So, if the Neffos C9A is something you’d love to get, why not check out Neffos Malaysia official store on Shopee.



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