Four is the new lucky number: Samsung Galaxy A9

What would be the first feature you’d consider when you are looking for a new smartphone?

For most of us, the number one feature that we are looking for is a high-performance camera, right?

At the same time, many smartphone brands have focused their efforts to develop a camera that delivers in quality and range.Galaxy A9 Lemonade Blue

Some brands have even collaborated with well-known camera brands to further boost image quality while adding one or two additional lenses.

Having that said, Samsung has recently set the standard for smartphone cameras as its upcoming Galaxy A9, will be the world’s first rear quad camera smartphone in the market.

In an email interview with Samsung, it said each lens on the Galaxy A9 serves a different photography functions which allow users to get the best out of the moment that they’re capturing.

Premiering as the world’s first rear quad camera smartphone, the Galaxy A9’s four lens will provide:

  • Telephoto Lens: featuring a 10MP 2x optical zoom to capture extreme details at a distance
  • Ultra-Wide Lens that enables users to capture and share the image with the same viewing angle as the human eye and take wider panorama shots with less panning
  • Depth Lens that gives users the capability and freedom to manually manage their photos’ depth of field and focus on the subject, without changing the viewing angle or distance.
  • 24MP Main Lens enabling users to take clear and bright images in both bright and low light conditions

“Ultimately, it is our goal is to innovate technology to enrich our consumers’ lives.

“Therefore, the replacement of a DSLR or digital camera really depends on the consumer’s experience with the mobile camera. Each consumer has a different needs and expectations,” Samsung said.Galaxy A9 Backshot_Caviar Black

Samsung added that the Galaxy A series is mainly designed for millennials and like-minded consumers who know what they want from a smartphone.

“What they are looking is for a stylish and convenient mobile experience that brings the best of the Galaxy design heritage, experience and innovation together to suit its users’ modern, busy lifestyle.

“Also, the Galaxy A9’s innovative rear quad camera and Intelligent Camera is optimized for the Instagram generation who seeks to capture and get the most of every life moment.”

Samsung added that the brand is committed to deliver industry-leading products that deliver meaningful progress to consumers and serve the needs to their modern lifestyles.

“The Galaxy A9 is the perfect example of this; coming with the world’s first quad rear camera smartphone, the Galaxy A9 introduces a set of innovative technologies to the Galaxy family and promises endless possibilities and smartphone experiences for its users.”

Meanwhile the Galaxy A9 also sports a reliable 3,800mAh battery life with internal storage of 128GB and up to 512GB of expandable memory while running on 6GB of RAM.

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