Be Fun, Be Free, and Be Famous with #runfreefun

So, the school holidays are finally here! And with most of you students are now with so much free time, that does not mean you can’t be productive and creative this school break.

That said, this school holidays, TikTok wants you to have fun and creatively express yourself with its celebrity-studded #runfreefun campaign.

Step by step

From Nov 10 to 24, join Janna NickNazim OthmanAnzalna NasirShukri Yahayaand Saharul Ridzwan in their journey to discover exciting and fun TikTok features and trying out unique video challenges.

Don’t be left behind and start shooting creative videos of yourself while using the hashtag #runfreefun and tag your favorite celebrity to show off your talent.

Who knows, you might even get a call out by your favorite star!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, old or young, TikTok is a unique platform that encourages creators to express their passion and creativity without borders.

For many, it is also a platform to feel closer to their favourite celebrities, friends or set foot into the world of fandom.

Used in over 150 countries, TikTok is the world’s fastest growing global short-form video app.image005 (1)

In September, it became the most downloaded app in the US, surpassing other popular social media apps.

In Malaysia, TikTok continues to be a trending platform for users, brands, TV programs and celebrities to reach out to a wider audience with exhilarating local challenges.

Here is how to be part of the fun:

  1. Download TikTok by visiting the iOS or Android app stores and sign up for a free account
  2. Open the app, and click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the menu to start a new shoot
  3. Select your music, stickers or effect to spice up your video
  4. Click the red record button and have fun showing off your moves
  5. Click on the ‘✔’  icon to see the video, add fancy effects or filters to your video
  6. Click ‘NEXT’, add the hashtag #runfreefun and tag your favorite celebrity and friends
  7. Post the video on TikTok and your other social media channels to get more views!

To help you make a cun melecun TikTok video, we have compiled top three tips from TikTok below:

  • Use stickers and AR effects – Get creative by adding popular stickers and visual effects. Tapping the sticker icon on the bottom-left will allow you to  browse the various face filters and AR effects. Popular effects include changing hair color, make up palette, and raindrop control.
  • Cool transitions – Record in small batches or in slow motion to allow space for you to include transitional effects. Click on the filter or time effect to set your video pace. The trending TikTok challenge,  #pillowchallenge is an example where you can use multiple short shoots to create an awesome transition video.
  • Duet screen – Want to sing alongside your favorite artists? Or mime to a funny conversation? Pick a video that you want to duet, and hit the share button to choose the duet option from the bottom of the screen. Now, just record your own video while the selected video is automatically playing on another side of the screen.image001

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