Modern data management strategy is key to hasten digital transformation

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With data now a critical asset and digital currency for progress, organisations in Malaysia must be vigilant to safeguard it as well to harness the power of their information.

In light of this, Veritas Technologies has stressed the importance for organizations to implement a modern data management strategy to quicken their digital transformation journey.

According to IDC, by 2020, 28% of all enterprises in Malaysia will have fully articulated an organization-wide digital transformation strategy as they move to compete in the digital economy.

At the core of their digital transformation journey will be data – collecting, storing, analyzing and utilizing this data will inspire innovation and in turn, drive businesses into the future.

Veritas Technologies Asia South region sales & engineering head Raymond Goh shared that an estimated 50% of data stored by companies is dark data.

Photo 3 - Raymond Goh, Head, Asia South Region, Sales & Engineering, Veritas Technologies

Goh: Data management concerns are increasingly rising.

“This means that businesses have not assigned any value to that data. Data management concerns are increasingly rising among organizations as they are drowning in data but starving for insights and lack a systematic way to turn the data into action.

“With a data management strategy, organizations will be better prepared to make strategic choices around data collection, data storage, utilization and the location of that data – and how it can be safeguarded against cyber-attacks,” he said.

Photo 2 - Ravi Rajendran, Managing Director, Asia South Region, Veritas Technologies

Ravi: In Malaysia, key sectors that are heavily data driven include FSI, telco, utilities and public sector.

In addition, Ravi Rajendran who is the Asia South region MD highlighted that Veritas has been providing a comprehensive approach to the data opportunity and helping businesses discover and implement the right data protection and software-defined storage solutions.

“In Malaysia, key sectors that are heavily data driven include the financial services industry (FSI), telecommunications, utilities and the public sector,” he added.

Meanwhile, Veritas has earned top worldwide market share in backup and recovery, archiving software and management software-defined storage (SDS) for 2017 by revenue.

The company recorded a market share of over 24% in the backup software market and over 11% of the market share in archive software.

Their leading position globally is also reflected in the Asia South region comprising of markets such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.



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