This Week in – Dell: Empowering Women in STEM

Sophie Guerin, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Asia Pacific, Greater Chin...For the first time in a decade, the World Economic Forum has reported the situation of global gender gap had worsened for women within 60 countries.


At its current rate, it will be unlikely for women to reach economic parity with men for another 217 years (2234) not very likely for women reach economic parity and as well as in the workforce with men.

Among the various industries that face the issue of gender disparity, the science, technology, engineer and mathematics (STEM) industry is one of the most obvious.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, TechSideTales had an exclusive interview with Dell Asia Pacific, Greater China and Japan diversity and inclusion head Sophie Guerin to talk about the gender disparity in the STEM industry.


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